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Where the mighty Mississippi begins, and adventure never ends...

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A Beautiful Place with a Different Pace

Welcome to Park Rapids, a caring community committed to a prosperous future. Year in and year out, hundreds of volunteers participate in projects that keep the community active, thriving and inviting. This helping attitude creates a place where you'll feel welcome right away.

You'll find charming contradictions. For example, on one hand our Main Street feels like a step back in time. On the other, any technological convenience or amenity you need for business or recreation is available, including a full service international airport and high-speed internet access. And though our population numbers less the 4,000, our community has become a regional governmental, manufacturing, commercial and medical center which serves approximately 30,000 people.

The Park Rapids Lakes Area takes pride in being located near the Headwaters of the Mississippi River and Itasca State Park. Park Rapids and the smaller surrounding towns are distinct and fascinating. Over 30,000 residents living in the greater Park Rapids area share a love of the environment and outdoors, and our businesses, products and services reflect qualities as unique as they are.

An important and intentional contradiction is the success of business against a backdrop of natural charm and scenic wonder. The Hubbard County Regional Development Commission was established with an eye to the future and as a "one-stop-shop" to coordinate and facilitate the development of a strong and competitive presence in the new economy. A public-private partnership, the HCREDC focuses on addressing the needs and opportunities of existing business and provides assistance to new and expanding businesses, while embracing the exceptional quality of life the Park Rapids Lakes Area offers.

Community leaders are committed to the future and enhancing our quality of life. Health care is extraordinary as medical providers continue to find ways to improve and expand services. The private and public sector provide recreational opportunities, including fitness centers, bike rentals, tennis courts, ball fields, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor skateboard park, ball fields, an indoor swimming pool and indoor and outdoor ice rinks. Private, public and nonprofit organization offer cultural activities year round from lifelong learning programs to concerts and live theater. The goal is to create a vital, vibrant and technologically advanced community in this beautiful place with its different pace.

The people of Park Rapids work hard. They enjoy their lives and the beauty that surrounds them.

Their diverse backgrounds and common goals make Park Rapids what it is today. Strolling downtown Park Rapids adds a healthy helping of yesterday to your "in-town" experience. Because Main Street is unusually wide, a legacy of the city's logging heritage, our center street parking has become our trademark. Every Christmas season begins with a celebration and tree lighting ceremony at the foot of a giant evergreen that illuminates our downtown shopping area until year's end. During all seasons, visitors downtown find charming shops, inviting restaurants, a lively farmers market, a newly renovated movie theater and more.